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Division of General Jurisdiction



  • Recovery of debt obligations.

  • Claiming property from illegal possession.

  • Definition of easement.

  • Disputes over credit obligations.

  • Collection of funds for harm to health.

  • Cases for the protection of honor and dignity.

  • Recognition of contracts, transactions invalid.

  • Cases related to the privatization of property.

  • Cases related to the sale or lease of real estate.

  • Division of property in divorce proceedings.

  • Determination of the place of residence of children.

  • Inheritance cases.

  • Insurance claims cases.

  • Collective labor disputes.

  • We provide assistance in the return of a driver's license if there are sufficient grounds.

  • Other disputes of legal entities and individuals considered in courts of general jurisdiction.

  • Traffic accidents with serious consequences.

  • Housing disputes.

  • Provision of services for organizing the return of funds from equity holders and collection of a penalty from the developer.


The department provides a full range of legal services for the representation and conduct of civil cases in courts of general jurisdiction and their necessary support. If necessary, other departments will provide additional assistance to achieve the result. The department employs specialists with many years of experience and experience.

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