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Agency contract

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Do you want to become an agent and receive 10% of the concluded contract?

To do this, you need to fill out and sign the agency agreement located on this page and send the signed agreement and account details to our e-mail

Then you can send your client's contacts to our e-mail

Who are the clients?

Clients can be your relatives, acquaintances, colleagues' friends! Anyone who needs legal assistance, as well as other services that are listed on our website in the services section. Any organization can also become clients, even the one in which you work!


Our agreement with you will remain secret and no one will know about it, we honor and respect your privacy!

What services can we provide to your clients?

Let's start with the simplest ones: debt collection, refund of money transferred to fraudsters on the Internet, recovery of alimony, divorce of spouses, division of property, inheritance, labor disputes, consumer rights cases (refunds for poor-quality goods, refunds if goods are not delivered, refund for the imposed service, etc.), support of real estate transactions.

More complex: searching for property, debtor's accounts, collecting information about the person you are interested in, bankruptcy of citizens to remove all debts from them, including loans, separately it is necessary to indicate criminal cases for such cases, partners lawyers work with us, conducting various examinations, cases for the protection of honor and dignity, registration and protection of copyrights, etc.

The most difficult: Corporate disputes (disputes between company owners), collection of funds for the supply of goods and services both in Russia and abroad, creation of a business structure to optimize taxation, protection of property from foreclosure, registration of foreign companies, counteraction to raiders, unscrupulous tenants, organization of object security, private investigations and a huge number of other services.

Most of the services are listed in the Services section of this website.

How do I get paid for a client?

When we receive payment from the client you referred, we will immediately transfer the money to the account you specified!

Recommend us and earn with us!

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