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Foreign department



  • Accompanying the organization of obtaining visa invitations.

  • Accompanying in obtaining citizenship, permanent residence in other countries.

  • Accompanying in obtaining, permanent residence, citizenship of the Russian Federation.

  • Accompanying the registration of a marriage between citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens

  • on the territory of the Russian Federation and the territories of foreign states.

  • Legal support in registration of foreign companies, offshore companies, funds.

  • Support in opening bank accounts in the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

  • Selection and provision of foreign specialists, partners, lawyers, lawyers, private detectives, security companies, on the territory of foreign states.

  • Traveling abroad to carry out various orders of the customer.

  • Assistance to citizens of the Russian Federation in emergency situations on the territory of other states.

  • Working with embassies and consulates.

  • Representing the interests of minors abroad.

The foreign department provides services to citizens and legal entities mainly on the territory of other states, as well as to foreign citizens on issues of visa processing, marriage, permanent residence of citizenship. The department coordinates the activities of other departments and foreign partners to achieve the required result as efficiently as possible.



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