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Economic Espionage Counteraction Department



  • Analysis of possible information leakage.

  • Analysis of the possible creation of problem situations in the organization by employees.

  • Checking the premises for hidden devices for removing audio / video information.

  • Checking computer networks and communication networks for hidden devices for removing information.

  • Scanning computers for spyware and malware.

  • Protecting information with encryption.

  • Arrangement of computer systems, with the possibility of remote destruction of information.

  • Remote server services.

  • Installation of e-mail with the option of encryption.

  • Arrangement of meeting rooms excluding unauthorized listening.

  • Checking personnel for possible unauthorized transfer of commercial information to competitors or other organizations, possible work in the interests of competitors.

  • Implementation of information gathering agents into the team.

  • Device, recommendation of secure communication.

  • Special consultations trainings.

The department provides a wide range of services for the protection of information, identification of its leaks, work with personnel, training consultations, interacts with other departments.

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