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Anti-Raider Division



  • Legal preventive protection of the enterprise.

  • Application of legal schemes that exclude theft of real estate.

  • Application of legal schemes excluding theft of shares in the authorized capital of a company.

  • Checking enterprises. firms for the presence of threats of theft and raider takeover.

  • Direct comprehensive implementation of countermeasures in the process of a raider takeover, or upon its fact.

  • Restoration of the owner's rights to own the property or enterprise.

  • Conducting cases in courts on the fact of theft of property, illegal seizure of property or organization, release of property from unlawful possession, eviction.

  • Counteraction to unfair actions of the director of the enterprise, participants, shareholders.

  • Selection from lawyers from among partners specializing in the field of combating raider seizures to initiate criminal proceedings if there are grounds, conducting criminal cases.

  • Conduct of negotiations.

  • Organization of object security, personal security, security of documents, valuables.

The department provides a wide range of services in the field of countering raider seizures, theft. shares of the authorized capital of organizations, the theft of shares, other illegal actions aimed at taking over organizations and enterprises. The department provides services aimed at the legal return of lost property by the owner.


Provides comprehensive services for the prevention of theft, raider seizures, ensuring the safe conduct of business from illegal actions of third parties. The use of the developed comprehensive programs of protection and prevention allows to ensure high results in achieving the set goals. The department works together with other departments to achieve high efficiency.

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