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PR and promotion department.



  • Placing advertising, autobiographical, thematic articles in newspapers, their online editions, on the Internet, social networks.

  • Promotion of information on the Internet in various search engines.

  • Placement and promotion of video materials on video hosting

  • Writing articles, essays, autobiographical data.

  • Development and creation of the image.

  • Development of controlled scandalous situations, as a feast

  • PR-correction

  • Organization of co-authorship.

  • Organization of charitable events.

  • Organization of participation in public organizations, charitable foundations.

  • Organization of participation in television programs, shows.

  • Personal video photo shooting

  • Shooting and editing of thematic video clips.

  • Filming at organized events with state public figures, famous people in the business of art, cinema, theater.

  • Other services at the request of the customer.

This department provides services for the development and promotion of an image, personal advertising, personal growth, creating a strengthening of reputation, creating an effect of fame, applies all available developments in this area to organize PR companies, events, people, companies.


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