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Dissolution of marriage, recovery of alimony

Division of property of spouses in Russia and abroad

Determining the place of residence of children

Return of children from foreign  jurisdictions

Collecting information about your spouse

Identification of hidden property, bank accounts

Drawing up a marriage contract

Business section, shares in the enterprise

What is the common property of the spouses?

When dividing jointly acquired property, the shares of the spouses are recognized as equal, in accordance with Art. 39 of the Family Code (SK) of the Russian Federation. But the court in some cases may deviate from this rule. In accordance with Art. 37 of the RF IC, the property of each of the spouses can be recognized as their joint property if it is established that during the marriage, each of the parties invested in increasing the value of this property.

The joint property, which is divided between the spouses in half after divorce, includes:

- bank deposits;

- real estate;

- movable property;

- income that was received from any activity;

- valuable documents;

- benefits without earmarking;

- jewelry.

Agreement on the division of property of the spouses?

Drawing up a notarial agreement between spouses can significantly facilitate the process of division of property. It helps to determine the shares of the wife and husband in the jointly acquired property on mutually beneficial terms, our specialists are ready to help with the settlement of this situation, negotiate and draw up the necessary documents that will protect the rights of both parties.

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