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Expertise Department



  • Autotechnical expertise

  • Biological examinations

  • Accounting and economic expertise

  • Veterinary expertise

  • Land survey

  • Art criticism expertise

  • Linguistic expertise

  • Medical expertise

  • Metallurgical expertise

  • Evaluation expertise

  • Patent examination

  • Fire-technical expertise

  • Portrait examination

  • Handwriting examination

  • Commodity examination

  • Construction and technical expertise

  • Phonoscopic examination

  • Examination of substances and materials

  • Expertise of design estimates and AI results

  • Environmental assessment

  • Examination of documents

  • Examination of speech, video and sound recordings

  • Examination of polygraphy Autorological examination

  • Psychophysiological research using a polygraph (lie detector)

  • Other types of expertise and research.


The department provides services in the field of expert examinations, determines the required type of examinations for solving the task by the customer, establishing, fixing, necessary, proofs, identifying technical deficiencies, etc., selects the necessary expert from among the partners of the corporation, controls the quality and time of work ...

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