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About us

Our company was established in 2010 by a group of prominent lawyers with a proven track record and an impressive work experience.

Our carefully composed and tightly-welded team offers our partners and clients a great number of various services in consideration with their requirements.


This was made possible by our highly optimized work processes and the expansion of our professional team of legal advisors. Our team includes practicing specialists in various fields of law, legal theorists as well as former members of state law enforcement agencies. 


Our company's work flow is composed in the following manner: Your task is assigned to a specialist in the appropriate legal field, while specialists from other areas of expertise are involved in the work process when necessary. This ensures a comprehensive and differentiated approach to the resolution of the task as well as an optimization of the process with the aim of minimizing Your expenses in terms of time and money.

Using all our knowledge and prior experience of real life situations, we cultivate an artful and out-of-box approach to the process of reaching the goals set by our esteemed clients.

In view of the ongoing globalization and the transition of businesses to the global level, many legal issues either require solutions that take into account the legislation of other countries or need to be resolved entirely on foreign soil. We take into account this vital requirement. Our company has established direct relations with companies and lawyers in other countries, allowing us to state with all confidence that our activities are not confined within the borders of the Russian Federation.


We also provide services in resolution of less voluminous tasks, such as assistance in resolving emigration issues, in minimization of costs of education in Russian and Ukrainian universities for foreign nationals, as well as solemnization and dissolution of marriage. We can collect probative evidence of innocence of persons accused in Russia, we can preserve Your funds from unlawful confiscation of arrest.

We have strived to create a client-friendly environment with the sole aim of successful resolution of Your problems!


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Contact us

Novy Arbat street, 7, Moscow

119019 Russian Federation

Tel. +7 (965) 200-61-61



Work with us will open up new opportunities for you in the future

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