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Banking Aggression Counteraction Department.



  • Doing business in the field of relations with financial institutions.

  • Conducting cases of termination of credit agreements.

  • Conducting cases related to the seizure of pledged property.

  • Conducting cases related to foreclosure on mortgaged property.

  • Management of cases related to the reduction of accrued penalties.

  • Counteraction to abuse of the right by credit and financial institutions when concluding loan agreements, service agreements.

  • Conducting cases of illegal blocking of an account.

  • Conducting cases on collecting funds from credit and financial in case of illegal write-off of funds, write-off of funds as a result of criminal actions of third parties, “fraud, falsification of a court order, carding, etc.)

  • Conducting business on the theft of valuables from a rented safe depository of a bank (bank cell).

  • Conducting cases to counteract abuse of rights, violations of the law by collection organizations (agencies), credit and financial organizations.

The department provides services in the field of credit, client, relations, with credit and financial institutions, collection organizations, in violation of the rights of citizens, private entrepreneurs, organizations. The department works in conjunction with other departments to optimally fulfill the assigned tasks.

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