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VTG-Group Limited Liability Company was established in 2010 by a group of leading lawyers with successful experience and significant work experience.

The carefully selected and close-knit team of our company allows us to provide our partners and customers with a fairly wide range of services, taking into account their various wishes.


This became possible after optimizing the workflow and expanding the professional team of lawyers. Our team consists of practitioners in various fields of law, legal researchers, as well as former law enforcement officers.


The workflow of the company is arranged as follows: the task you set is taken by the specialist who is responsible for the direction in which your question is located, in parallel, if necessary, specialists from other areas are connected to the workflow. This allows you to provide a comprehensive and differentiated approach to solving the task, as well as optimizing the process in order to save your money and time.

To the process of achieving the goal set for us by our respected customer, we approach creatively, sometimes unusually, using all the available knowledge and experience of life realities.


In connection with the ongoing globalization and the entry of business to the international level, it is necessary to solve many legal issues taking into account the legislation of other countries, or completely on the territory of another state. We have taken into account this vital need. Our company works directly with law firms and lawyers from various countries, so we can safely say that our acti

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