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Partner of LLC VTG-Group

Safarova Oksana Fazilovna

Reg. number: 40/451

Tel. +7 (960) 518-83-78

Over 18 years of experience.

Language proficiency: Russian, English.

Specialist in corporate disputes, criminal law and  juvenile justice.


Professional area:  

  • Copyright.

  • Administrative law.

  • Arbitration procedural law.

  • Banking law.

  • Civil law.

  • Civil procedural law.

  • Contract law. (complicated by foreign elements)

  • Constitutional law of foreign states.

  • Corporate law.

  • International (Private and public) law.

  • Law of the sea.

  • Tax law.

  • Family law. (complicated by foreign elements)

  • Labor law.

  • Criminal law.

  • Environmental law.

  • Other.

He has the status of a freelance consultant on legal issues of the research medical foundation for the treatment of childhood diseases and rehabilitation and a public organization for the protection of human rights, health and well-being.

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